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Executive Team


Mickey Christian

Founder & CEO

With more than 30 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry, Mickey is a force for good in the industry. His vast experience in financial products, commercial real estate with his down-to-earth leadership making him a great servant leader.


Simon L. Smith

President & COO

For 25+ years, Simon has consulted in the development of multi-billion dollar franchise and company-owned operations. He has executed strategies for Blockbuster Inc., Ace Hardware, Chief Auto Parts, aka Auto Zone, and Papa Johns International.

Brian Deltoro

Brian K. Deltoro

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian K. Deltoro has completed rigorous hands-on training in the Finance Industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge in Finance, Business Development, and Marketing. His talents and dedication have played a fundamental role in the expansion of the firm's growing market.

About Paragon Prime Group

Paragon Prime Group helps high net worth individuals acquire programs that provide a meaningful tax free income at retirement with a sizable death benefit will little or no out of pocket expense. This program also allows key employees to retire with more income than they made as a salaried employee and a sizable death benefit with little or no out of pocket expense to their employer. Over 5 million employees in the US have this program in place NOW!

Our employee retention program is a benefit your employees won’t find anywhere else. It’s an off-cycle benefit that you can offer them at any time during the year. With tax-free withdrawals (income) and little to NO out-of-pocket costs. This retirement package presents high-value benefits for your valuable employees. 

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